About Us

Brump is the idea of an NYC mom, Michelle. In 2010, she gave birth to her first daughter at Columbia Business School. Like most moms, she wants to breastfeed her baby while continuing to study and work as a professional.

After trying different breast pumps, she bought a hospital grade Medela Symphony breast pump for $2000+. The experience with Symphony is so great that she believes every nursing mom deserve to use a better-designed breast pump at an affordable cost. While local hospitals and pharmacies do not always have inventory to rent, she decided to create her own online Symphony Breast Pump rental business. 

Brump makes it possible for all nursing moms to rent a hospital breast pump, saving thousands of dollars in purchasing one that is used for a short time. Through creating a sharing economy that reduces waste and make nursing moms' lives easier, Brump's mission is to provide an affordable, simple and hassle free rental experience to support all nursing moms.