1. How to rent a Medela Symphony breast pump?

    Simply choose your rental period and place an order online. Wait for an email of "rental agreement". Sign the rental agreement. You will get an email with tracking number.

    In order to use the symphony breast pump, you will need a symphony breast pump kit. It's available for purchase from our website or other retailers.

  2. Is breast pump rental TAX deductible and eligible for FSA?

    Here it is, straight from the IRS’s guide on medical expenses: “You can include in medical expenses the cost of breast pumps and supplies that assist lactation.” This includes rental of a hospital-grade breast pump and breastfeeding supplies such as pump accessories and nipple care products. Just make sure you save all of your receipts, so when tax time comes, you know exactly what to itemize.

    This also makes breast pump rental FSA eligible, receipts may be required to process claims.



  3. What if the breast pump stops working in the rental period?

    Don't worry. We will mail you a replacement breast pump and pre-paid shipping label to send back the broken one. We will either charge $300 as the collateral and refund it right after we receive the broken one or send out the replacement as long as the broken unit is on the way back in the tracking system.                                    
  4. How to calculate the rental period?

    The rental period starts from the date you receive the breast pump. As long as you ship out the breast pump by the last day of your rental period listed on the agreement, you will not be charged for another month's rental. If you ship out the pump later than the due date, we will charge $20 late fee per week.

  5. How long does it take to ship?

    Generally, it takes 5-7 business days to East Coast, and 2-3 days to West Coast. Please note that customer's signature is required when delivered.

  6. What if I want to keep renting the pump after my rental period ends?

    No need to return and re-order. Simply let us know by the length of period you plan to keep it. You could either choose month by month or longer lease term. 

  7. How to use the Medela Symphony breast pump?

    Follow the instruction included in your package, if you still have trouble using it, you could visit the official Medela website or youtube demo:


  8. How to cancel the service and return the breast pump? 

    Simply email us with a return request. We will email you the returning address and instructions for you to pack and ship it back, and you need to inform us the tracking number. We also provide the prepaid return shipping label for $18 if you are interested.  We will confirm your return once we receive it.          
  9. What  is the refund policy?                                                                                                                                                                                                       Feel free to email us or call us to let us know you need cancel the order. If your order has not been shipped out, you will get full refund. If your order has been shipped out and on the way to your address, you need pay two way shipping fee and get rest payment refund. If you decide to terminate during the rental period, and your unused rental time is more than one month, we will partially refund you depends on your actual rental time.  We refund you after receiving your return.